Paycheck On-Demand

ZayZoon Paycheck On-Demand

Paycheck On-Demand

ZayZoon is a responsible way for you to access a portion of your wages before payday.

The Basics: 
  • No more waiting until your next payday. Access funds now!
  • Access $200 for a flat fee of $5. Money in your bank account in minutes!
  • ZayZoon is not a loan, it is a way to access your paycheck before payday.
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What is ZayZoon?

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ZayZoon is the easiest way for employees to access their wages early. No app to download and no cards to wait for in the mail. ZayZoon is entirely online and can be used with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop - you pick. Funds sent directly to your bank account. $5 flat fee - no other hidden fees! No credit check! We are not a loan!

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